Getting Naked: Does It Matter?

Monday, 19 March 2018

So I've been thinking a lot lately about what people post online and peoples opinions on it, that doesn't really make sense does it? To cut a long story short, I post a few pictures on Instagram every now and then that could be deemed 'slutty' or 'whore-like'. Now this to me sounds absolutely ridiculous but its what information I've gathered from individuals in particular. I'll keep the people of these opinions anonymous but I've gotta say that anything negative like that, I think is incredibly pathetic and just so bad to have a view like that on someone that maybe you don't even know.

So there's this girl. I follow her online and she's probably one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen and the pictures she posts are so inspiring to the curvy comunitee and it just inspires me to love myself as much as she does.
Now in case of her reading this I wont talk about her much as I want to respect her privacy.

What the purpose of this post is really is the negative opinion of some people, it's something that I want to address on a broad spectrum but, of course, there's no real way to address everyone on one level and even then, there's a risk of controversy and slight argument.

I'm just going to skip right to it otherwise I'll be banging on for ages and never get anywhere with this post.

A short explanation


When I post certain pictures of myself online, in a sort of deemed 'revealing' way, I only ever post them to Instagram. I do have a reason for this that when I tried to explain it, it seemed confusing to understand but I'll try my best.
Facebook is too personal, family is on there and I don't them seeing my bare bottom haha!
Twitter is somewhat like my personal diary, well my private Twitter is anyway and if I was to post something on there then it would just be a bit strange.
Snapchat is quite in your face and now with that new update I feel like when you click over on one story and it automatically jumps to another without you even meaning too then it can be a bit in ya face if you post something like your bum or boobs on there.

Now Instagram, the thing with the gram is that everyone has a feed, or in this case, most stereo-typically, girls have a feed and I am usually very indecisive so I never know what my feed should be. I'm quite mix-n-match in every different way.

But yeah with my Instagram feed, the only way that I can describe it is like a wave in the sea, its choppy and all over the place and no one knows whats gonna happen next to its a bit all over the place.


This beauty of a girl who I was describing earlier posts the most gorgeous pictures I may have ever seen on a feed and her beauty is a feed in itself, shes one of those that doesn't need to try.
Anyway without making it sound like I'm the worlds biggest lesbian I basically just think shes gorgeous with this big heart of gold.

However, she posts images of herself right down to her underwear, and ya know what?

I don't care! It shouldn't matter at all!

This is the reason why I wanted to address this somewhere online is because no ones going to hear me if I jut keep my opinions to myself. I do think that this is really important and it should be voiced.


Honestly, I blame society for our judgement and accusations to girls who post half naked selfies online, I'll go back to the underwear vs. swimwear argument. If you've heard of this then just skip a few lines down but if not, allow me to fill you in.

If a girl posted online of herself in her underwear then there would be so much hate spiralling around about her and that shes a whore for posting such things like that online. HOWEVER. If it was that she posted a picture of herself on holiday in a bikini, no one would think twice about it.

This theory is total bullshit and it should not even be this way whatsoever.

Granted if someone was walking down the street in either then not only would that poor lass be chilly as but she would receive some back lash. But then again, who traipses around in underwear or a bikini casually out and about like that?


I really truly believe that if you think you're beautiful then show it off. If you take a picture of yourself no matter if you're half naked or something a bit raunchy like that then it shouldn't matter, confidence is key and the key to a happy life is happiness itself and nothing to get in the way of that happiness.

I've had some comments about this regarding the 'what about if the boyfriend/girlfriend has a problem with it' which is ultimately something you should always consider, but if you always listen to other people and what they think then you'll never put yourself first and you'll never be happy.

I adore my boyfriend, I truly believe that he is the best thing to ever happen to me and I think that if we ever was not together that my heart would break into tiny little pieces...however my happiness is so much more valuable that what he or other people think, self love is so important and it's something that I've grown to learn more about recently.

Especially when I look back at that beauty's Instagram like I was saying earlier. When I see other people doing what makes them happy then why shouldn't I be doing that too?

So honestly...

So honestly, do what makes you happy because if you keep listening to people putting others down and even putting you down, it's not worth the happiness that you're letting go of that you know you hold deep down inside.

I love you, stay happy, stay strong and never forget that you are beautiful 
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